No se puede aplicar Eyeliner correctamente? Aquí hay algunos consejos útiles para usted

Every woman irrespective of their age wants to look pretty and beautiful and we all know that makeup has that capability to do that miracle, it is good to go natural and as such as you are but there are some occasions where you have to dress elegantly and beautifully , In such cases , everyone wants to look gorgeous and the most important factor is our eyes, when your eyes sparks brightly then you walk with confidence and elegance , but at some stage you are not able to apply it properly, so here are some of the useful tips that will help you in applying eyeliner incorrect manner.

There Are 3 Kinds Of Eyeliner :

You have to choose them according to your need, there are 3 types of eyeliners- Pencil, gel and liquid. pencil eyeliner is not able to spread smoothly but looks awesome when applied once, whereas gel eyeliners are easier to apply in one stroke and they give a perfect finish. Liquid eyeliners are hard to apply because you have to stay for while in order to dry up your eyes applying eyeliner.

Different colors have different effects :

Black use to give a bold and stunning look. whereas gives a smoky effect, on the other hand, if you apply white on the lower part of your eyes, it will make your eyes look big and brighter.Gray eyeliner gives a brighter look.Navy gives a trendy look as if you are fashionable and glitter would make your eyes sparkle.

Don’t Shake Up Your hands !!

If your hands shake on applying eyeliner, then you are not alone. but there is an easy way to come out of it, let your hand rest on the dressing table in front of the mirror and then start applying eyeliner.

Are You new to liquid eyeliners?

A beginner always needs the practice to make a thing perfect, if you are new to liquid eyeliner, then you should start applying it by making dots first and then joining the dots together, but don’t forget to dry it up by closing your eyes for 5 minutes.

Never pull your skin :

 It is not good to pull up your skin while applying eyeliner as it goes out of shape, rather than this, try to apply it calmly and if it gets ruined then wash it off with the help of makeup remover.

Concealers :

If your eyeliners get smudged, you can apply concealer or primer to hide it off.

Black eyeshadow:

Si el revestimiento se mancha, puede utilizar sombra de ojos negro para cubrir los defectos. Además, se vería más atractivo después de su aplicación.

Usted puede línea apretada:

si su eyeliner hace su mirada tan intensa, después usted puede aplicar un poco debajo de su línea del latigazo.

Evite el sello de pliegue:

Todos sabemos cómo se forman los sellos en la parte superior de las tapas superiores una vez que se aplica un delineador de ojos. Con el fin de evitarlo, puede utilizar compacto o un poco de polvo translúcido sobre él y no tendrá que preocuparse de cómo se hace, ya que se necesita poco o ningún esfuerzo

Color del latigazo del ojo viene a utilizar:

si usted pone su eyeliner en el borde del bigudí, puede ahorrar mucho tiempo y esfuerzo de los suyos.


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